What goes on your skin, also enters your body. Are you feeding your body nutrients or chemicals? Great skin care is imperative for everybody. Our mission is to educate, share and expand our knowledge in natural skin health. While creating exceptional products that cater to the needs of our customers.


Handmade By Oochie, an all-natural skincare company was created in a New Orleans kitchen in 2016. What started out as a DIY handmade moisturizer to aid in the elimination of my daughter’s visually dry skin, it became a small growing business. After allowing close friends and family to try the butter, the demand began to grow. Being intentional about what was absorbed in the user's skin, I sought out the rawest, chemical free, and harmless ingredients. This will ensure the organic entry into the pores. Not only did the Body butter serve as an amazing moisturizer and protectant from the sun, but it also softens the skin leaving a radiant glow.


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